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Helping you meet your health and wellness goals. Discover simple ways to lose weight, get active, eat healthier, and just feel better. It's free to eligible workers in Ohio.

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Program Overview

  • Health Coaching

  • Personal Website & App

  • Health Actions

  • 24-hour Nurse Line

  • Up to $175 in incentives

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Getting Started Timeline

  • For Employees Registering without an Employer

  • For Employees Who Were Registered by their Employer or BWC

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After Your Onsite Screening

How to earn your $75 reward

  • Health Assessment

  • Choose your reward

  • Watch for your reward

And then try coaching for an additional $50 reward​

  • Virtual group health coaching

  • Telephonic health coaching


Physician Form Details:

​Note: The Physician Form option includes an additional $50 reward to help cover copays, etc. (go to the website for full details and the form). Participants are responsible for any copays. Additionally, you may have to pay “third party paperwork” fees associated with using their own physician. Some physicians charge around $20-$35 for completing paperwork that is not generated by their office. If your insurance covers 100% of your annual physical, then that’s more money you get to keep. If a member chooses the Physician Form option to complete their biometric screening, they will be mailed a Physical $50 gift card to their address on file. These cards are distributed to members monthly. Only those that participate in the Physician Form option are sent the Physical $50 Gift card. This option is tracked independent of the Rewards Center and is in addition to the $75 health assessment/biometric screening reward. In summary, a member completing the health assessment and biometric screening will be able to redeem a $75 gift card of their choice in the Reward Center, AND an additional $50 physical gift card will be sent to their address on file. 

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